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                                            Istanbul Escort Banu SONMEZ

This was the first time I met Istanbul escort Banu Sonmez and it won't be the last.

On the Internet you can find a lot of escort websites that contain pictures and words in the same way. I came across Banu's website by chance and had the opportunity to meet a real Istanbul female escort.

Here is the only thing I will write about Banu Sönmez!
A real lady, a unique taste to live.

When it comes to sex pleasures, he is an Istanbul escort who is completely professional and unhindered. When you're with him, you feel very comfortable and really like kings. The only escort girl who can leave a big expression of happiness on my face. A fascinating legend.

An Istanbul escort you'll never regret.
Banu, thank you very much. see you soon.


A great watch with Istanbul escort!

I come to Istanbul very often, and every time I come for work, my time is very limited. Although I had a tight schedule this time, I made time to meet Banu, an Istanbul escort, and had a wonderful time that I would never be a piman. Hot sexy lady, I want to thank you. I wish I had plenty of time and could have been with you longer.


I had sex with two ladies thanks to Banu, an Istanbul escort.

Her friend Ezgi and Banu are two ladies and I have enjoyed everything twice. had an incredibly wonderful time.
Double all the fantasies you dream of!
Exactly! They were great.

Mattias from Sweden